Sunday, February 03, 2008

City to City

While trawling through some dusty shelves of second hand records this weekend I came across War's fantastic "The World Is A Ghetto" album, I have several War albums, but have never had this particular gem. Ofcourse it goes without saying that "City Country City', which features on the album, is one of those incredible freeform Disco Funk classics, a perfect mix of introspective melancholic beauty and jamming dance floor magic, it's a one of a kind type of track, perhaps one of the greatest tracks ever recorded (can one say such things?). Ofcourse dj extraordinaire and Loft maestro David Mancusso plays it to this day, I personally have never heard it on a big system and am certain it can only add to the lush warm special vibe created by the multi-instrumental breaks, and arrangement. So if u ain't got it, heard it, or just wanna download it for immediate listening purposes, here it is... turn it up! way up!!

War - City Country City


Anonymous said...

This is an AMAZING track. Thank you for posting!

christopher keys said...

sure no problem, it is AMAZING