Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drunk by Disco

From way back in 2004, The Drunk with one of his 'untitled' edits put out by Rong, it's deep, late night Soul Disco of the highest order and sadly, for me, i have no idea who the original is by, any help there would be appreciated as i think it's pretty damn hot. The smudgey keys in the beginning have my number, but the overall production and instrumentation is maximum pleasure zone stuff.. Oh the Divshare account is back up and running... whew!

The Drunk - Untitled


jerome green said...

The track is 'Nightlife' by Blair from 1978 (Solar Sounds Records). I first heard it on the 'Disco Spectrum 3' comp by Joey Negro & Sean P.

Barney 'Blair' Perry was also in The Blackbyrds. Check out his page on Discogs:

Thanks so much for putting the track up; I hadn't realized there was ever an edit of the original.

It's an incredibly deep tune whose groove can be felt throughout the body.

Much Love & Peace
Jerome Green

christopher keys said...

thanks so much for this info Jerome
this is what happens when u skip a volume of a series u like so much, just never got round to buying the third volume. I will commence with hunting down an original copy... thanks again :)

fritz the cat said...

Nice share, thanks.

Anonymous said...

i love this track. jerome: thx for the infos. had a quick look at discogs. puh, that 12" is expensive and rare...

kon said...

if you care to know who was behind the edit....hes from cali, and for a short time was a heaver dealer in disco 12"s.

christopher keys said...

thanks for all the info everyone, very much appreciated.

hey Kon, been trying to get in touch with you - yeah as they say 'hes the man with all the very expensive records' ;)