Monday, February 04, 2008

Macho City

Some artists and labels tend to feature more regularly on A.N.O.E., for two main reasons, I like 'em and have established a relationship of some kind with 'em. One such bunch is the Five20East label, home to the likes of Oooft, DJ Harri, The Revenge, The Hong Kong Micros, Cronk Family Enterprises and Chris Barker. I like a lot of their releases as they often sit very nicely between deeper and more accesible sounds, making them perfect for most dancefloors. Nearly every month they release a wide range of stuff; Broken Beats, Hip Hop, House, Re-Edits and Techno and always with that sparkling modern production vibe which appeals to a variety of discerning dancers. Amongst this months highlights is Chris Barker's very delicious double sider with his deep, simple, rhodes heavy 'Sunday Night' being strong on old school loveliness. Ofcourse DJ Harri's 'Lost Edits' peaked my interest; Harri puts in some inspired work on tracks by Herb Alpert, V.I.P. Connection, The Chequers & Johnson Products. The absolute cosmic killer, however, is his dubbed up re-work of Steve Miller Bands 'Macho City' which will be getting some heavy play from me, but i love em all. Ooft had these up awhile ago, so if u missed this grab it here, then go spend some cash on the Five20East site.

Steve Miller Band - Macho City (DJ Harri Edit)

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Anonymous said...

This is bound to become an Allsgood weapon of choice!!
Thanks Chris!