Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Press Play #13: B.D.I.

Dublin born producer B.D.I recently released his 'The Brooklyn to LA' EP, on Scribble Records, it is such a hot release; 'Cherry Cherry Cherry', my favorite, is a fantastic slice of cut up, funk fueled Disco with a raw afro quality, all of which combine to create instant dance floor smiles and groovers. But with all four tracks, B.D.I. puts lovely, gritty, rare, vintage sounds through his Hip Hop, beats heavy, hybrid style production techniques and comes up all aces. I love this EP, check here for sound clips and to buy it (oops looks like they're sold out - Picadilly have it). Fluid Ounce fans will already know his 'The Science of Charity' EP, but for those of you who don't, this is a great place for you to start.

# 13 in the series is expertly compiled by B.D.I. It's a beautiful eclectic mix of late night Soul, vintage Funk, Disco flavored R'nB, Hip Hop, Jazz and more. There is no track listing for this one, though I'm sure I can get one if anyone wants it, just trust me, it's a mix you'll come back to again and again. As always, you can find it on the sidebar under Press Play or get it right here.

oh!!! and check out the man on myspace for more info on his likes and reviews of his latest EP...


cubikmusik said...

great stuff with this Chris mate.
lots of time for B.D.I and maybe, just maybe if you wander over to cubikmusik you may find a version of 'Brooklyn to La'.

christopher keys said...

hmmm now how did i miss that??? Thanks sir, by the way i love the new look of yer blog!!! hope you are well buddy.

Kitsun said...

you don't have the playlist by accident? ;)

amazing mix, really like the late-night-jazz/funk vibes at the beginning!