Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Street Value

One of my recent finds is an album by Dark Horse Records artists Attitudes. Dark Horse was founded by George Harrison and backed by A&M, he used it primarily to release solo material, but work from a few other bands and artists came out on the label too. Discogs doesn't list this 10 track, eponymous album by Attitude, so I can't give you too much info on it, what I can tell you is it's quiet a find if you're inclined toward Disco tinged Blues/Rock, actually I would define it, for quick reference, as pure Beard. I've posted the track 'Street Scene' which is 'Crosby Stills & Nash meets early Chicago (the band not the city) Disco' of the highest order and actually sounds like it was edited for current 'Slo - Mo' Harvey styled dj'ing. In the words of DJ Bwyse, Salty Disco indeed.

Attitudes - Street Scene

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