Thursday, April 03, 2008

all you can eat

Well I'm off for the weekend, heading to the seaside and Dad Keys' 70th, I'll be taking a break from computers and all that, and maybe I'll try and catch some sun.

The last Sergio Rizzolo edit I put up here, a few weeks back, caused a minor flurry of download action, so to firmly plant his name in your minds, the young swede has given us another of his spliced and diced beardy doings. Rizzolo plucks 'Look At Me Baby' by Mauro Malavasi from some obscure bin, puts a razor blade to the track and re-names it 'All You Can Eat'. It's Rock tinged Fusion Disco, with great beats and a hot li'l bass line.

The very cool Oh, Baby I Like it Raw (now in english - woohoo!!!), picked up on the last Rizzolo item, I have no doubt this fine edit will earn him as much interest..

Sergio Rizzolo - All You Can Eat


red dirt said...
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christopher keys said...

hey red dirt - nice work, please drop me an email