Tuesday, April 08, 2008

in love with the music.

As a prequel to an exclusive A.N.O.E./Press Play mix, Dutch DJ Loud-E, has handed over a bit of a mystery mix which the guys over at CBS will be airing in the very near future. It's 22 minutes of obscure and truly brilliant Disco, don't even bother asking me what the tracks are, my not knowing them really shouldnt stop u from downloading this extra special mini mix up. Those of you in the know will already be all over the man's latest set of edits for Bear Funk; 'Palaza Break' is easily one of the best set of cut ups from late last year, many of you will also know his Loud-E-Fied productions for Must, Magick Kuts, Magick Edit Allstars and others. Loud is a consummate crate digger, he is constantly coming up with hard to find, hidden and buried treasures. The fact is it continues to surprise me just how many amazing tracks have slipped through the cracks and while most of these unearthed gems will only ever remain underground hits, even now, I'm always hugely grateful to those DJ's and diggers who find em. Check out Loud's myspace page and have fun with 'Los Cupidos'. Play it very LOUD...

Loud-E - Los Cupidos


Steele said...

This is dope. I got a copy of that big bear, 'Sex-E' on the b side is also a good one. Looking forward to that press play mix.

christopher keys said...

hey Steele
yeah its dope for sure!!
not sure exactly when the press play will drop, i've got a bunch of em lined up, all of which are very good... but i'm just as keen to hear what he comes up with - he never dissapoints