Tuesday, April 29, 2008

slow 'n low

Scott Bliss runs a cool blog called Loudman Quietman, he's involved in a couple of top nights in Boston, most notably A:Kult (yes the very same night Runaway headlined a little while back, ANOE featured the set), he has dj'ed and collected records for about 13 years, and is also a producer. A few important things I want to share with you ... 1. Go check out his blog, you'll find some great things there, including a really fantastic Brennan Green live set from a recent A:Kult night. 2. Scott has a new night in Boston called Balearia which focus' on left field beauties and tracks that less adventurous audiences would probably not warm to (from his report on it's first night, things should go well). 3. Scott did some fiddling with B52's 'Deep Sleep' (apparently someone else also tackled it recently, but i ain't heard that version); he's done a great job adding in some slo mo bumping beats, tweaked a fat loop from the original and created a lil' off center beauty for modern dance floors. Well, I dig it, a whole lot, so thats why you get it here... oh! also go check out Scott's various projects on Myspace here, here & here

Scott Bliss - SlowNLow

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