Friday, June 13, 2008

feels real

Altz, gotta love him. So first off here's a massive heads up on the Mungolian Jetset remix of his 'epics & donuts', well it's renamed as such, though the original is called 'donut wants'. The Mungolian's have created what is the most dramatic psyched out piece of Disco these ears have heard in awhile, I simply can't rant enough about it. Originally released by Zi-Koo, it's now largely unavailable until its forthcoming re-release in Europe on Luna Flicks. You simply can not miss out on it people!

Anyway moving on, or back to Altz, you gotta love him. His dj'ing, from what I've seen on youtube is a really impressive onslaught of crazed wobblyness, he really throws down sounds and grooves in a way that seems apocalyptic and trippy, but well danceable. His records, seem lighter by comparison, though no less mad and well within the Bear Funk end of things, I love em. I sort of jumped out of my seat, as i do when i see something that really interests me, when i discovered a release of edits from the man, but going as Waltz. 'Waltz Edit vol.1' has three equally intriguing run-ins with dusty Afro & Funk sounds, of which 'Feels So Good!' really lights my fire, I also really dig Altz' heavy dub 'n fx hand in it.. superb

Waltz - Feels So Good!

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peter said...

awesome. any idea what the original is? heh