Friday, August 22, 2008

friday night realms

Record store & label Flexx have done an excellent job doing re-issues the right way, when they put out the extremely hard to find Cosmic, Afro 'Anambra' by Ozo, they did it with the even harder to find extended flutey version which is ridiculously fine, as well as the original album version. At this point i had only heard of Ozo and never heard any of their tracks, that longer version of 'Anambra' changed all that. 'Album Version' did it say? There's an album? There's more? Finding copies of that proved to be much less difficult only they're a bit on the pricey side of things. With a bit of asking around i managed to get my hands on some dirty grubby mp3's so I could finally check it out. 'Listen To The Buddha', unsurprisingly turns out to be a great thing, it's a hybrid of Afro, Funk, Reggae and Rock, there are a few tracks on the album that aren't all that, but for the most part it's a groovy thing. What else to say except, I've hunted one down and it'll be here anytime soon. Check 'Realms' for superb psychedelic Reggae loveliness.

Ozo - Realms

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