Monday, August 18, 2008

give em enough solina

March of this year saw the rather brilliant Elitechnique join the ranks of some very fine producers who've edited tracks for the Magic Edit Allstars label. Their take on the Loose Strings classic, renamed here as 'Hanging On A Solina' is a classy piece of work; all dubby, creamy, slo mo, soulful lovliness. It's a propa slow jam, built around the originals bitter sweet hooks.

Elitechnique are on top form with a string of great releases this year, they also contributed to last years Black Devil Disco Club 'In Dub' album. Before they teamed up in 2006 Florentijn Boddendijk & Remco released a number of experimental solo projects. Check them here as Editechnique with one of the hottest edits floating around this minute..

Editechnique - Hanging On A Solina


Anonymous said...

The OG is "Hangin' on a String" by Loose Ends

Brilliant edit!

chris keys said...

yip i mention the original in the post

acidbearboy said...

Thanks for the Black Sun comment Chris, reminded me to pop over and see what you've been posting lately. I really didn't think this needed an edit but it turns out its a pretty nice instrumental alternative, cheers!