Wednesday, October 22, 2008

surprise power - side b

Does anyone remember those kitsch & crazy mega-mix albums you used to get in the 80's ? (I guess the early version of dj mixed albums). For obvious reasons they just aren't the sort of things that are any good for dj's and I certainly could never have predicted that any of them might become collectible or were any good in the first place. But of course there are a few that fetch silly money out there in ebay world; Down Beat Records' 'Surprise Power', a dutch release from 1982 is one of them. I don't have it on vinyl but was given it as 2 mp3's (each one containing an entire side) - it's certainly got me hunting down tracks off it, a truly brilliant Cosmic Disco affair... So I'm gonna stick up side b for you to revel in; 14 excellent minutes that include... no wait, I'll just put up the track listing. If you'd like to have side a (which is equally as good)... let me know and I'll put it up here...

editors note: check the above post for clarification on the mix-up

Various Artists - Surprise Power megamix side a

track listing for the real side B (confused - well I am)

1. Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite [00:00-04:47]
2. Paul Sabu - I Wanna Feel It In My Heart [03:30-03:38]
3. Five Letters - Got Got Money (And I Moo) [04:48-05:20]
4. 'Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic [05:21-06:39]
5. Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite [06:40-08:59]
6. Ann Margret - Love Rush - E Minor [09:00-09:36]
7. The Mike Theodore Orchestra - High On A Mad Mountain [09:39-10:05]
8. Passengers - Hot Leather [09:37-10:07]
9. Skyline - I'm Gonna Fall In Love [10:08-11:47]
10. Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite [11:47-14:18]


fritz the cat said...

I can't believe this is from 1982.

chris keys said...

yeah amazing innit?

Gary said...

Awesome mix! Please post part one as well! this is mixed so seamlessly i can't spot the differnt osng titles.
What's the song starting at aprox. 9:50, the one with the big horns?

chris keys said...

I'll have to check the mix out again and try help you there.. what makes it so modern for me, more than the mixing (which is pretty good as u say) is the tracks themselves, this is weirdly the/a sound of now. Of course that's because of diggers and dj's and their part in bringing the sound back... It is such an amazing piece of history... I'd love to know who the mixer/compiler was... anyone have the sleeve to check??

Tim M said...

thanks for this! looks like you're going definitely going to have to upload side a :)

Anonymous said...

Great mix indeed. I don't have this one on vinyl either, but, after performing a quick check on the web, I just found out that the mixer may possibly be the late Peter Slaghuis, aka "Hithouse", who was the man behind another mixed/remixed compilation from the Dutch label "Down Beat Records" called "Funkhawks". At least, DBR is credited for these two releases only on Discogs.
Anyway, the given tracklist is mistaken. This is actually the A side, which includes the following tracks (I drew the running times):

1. Who's Who - Palace Palace [00:00-00:53]
2. Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite [00:32-01:33]
3. Disco Dream And The Androids - Dream Machine [01:00-01:50]
4. Magnifique - Magnifique [01:36-02:20]
5. Azoto - Anytime Or Place [02:07-03:18]
6. Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite [03:05-04:37]
7. Ganymed - We Like You (The Way You Like Us) [03:33-05:21]
8. Denise McCann - I Have A Destiny [05:07-06:52]
9. Azoto - Exalt Exalt [06:37-08.24]
10. The Amazing Bingo Band - Power Music [07:38-10:16]
11. Macho - Because There Is Music In The Air [08:34-09:23]
12. Macho - I'm A Man [09:35-11:14]
13. Shock - Angel Face [10:56-12:00]
14. Kikrokos - Life Is A Jungle [11:32-14:56]

Longing for part II of the mix.

Keep it up,

- Dr. Sven -

chris keys said...

Dr Sven - you are indeed a genius :) and absolutely correct, i hadn't actually listened to the mix with the track listing in front of me and had just simply assumed discogs was correct with their info... thank you sooo much for making that known to me and I will certainly clear that up for everyone when i post the second side this week.. thank you again...

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, you're welcome. I'm just a disco-lover, spending some of my time checking great blogs like yours. You're doin' a terrific job here, keep it up, and thanks for sharing these rare disco gems.

Greetings from Milan (Italy),

- Dr. Sven -

John Zahl said...

I've had these two on repeat! Great stuff!