Thursday, November 20, 2008

green eyed lady

Loudman Quietman's Scott Bliss drops by a.n.o.e., this time with a fiesty bit of synth heavy, spacey, dubbed out Disco slice and dice. Total Unity's 'Green-Eyed Lady' is a Frank Slay produced item from 1978. I can't find all that much info about it, except it's from a four track ep which also included a D.C. la Rue item called 'Move in Closer' and came out on Claridge Records. Slay was better known for producing wierdy beardy (?) rock outfits like Strawberry Alarm Clock & Sugarloaf, interestingly Bliss also tells me the track is a cover of Meatloaf's original so there is some sort of Rock turned Disco connection there. Scott's edit is a vinyl worthy, 8 minute, psychedelic Disco monster! He also runs a forward thinking monthly night in Boston called 'Baleria' with Lucy Lux.

Total Unity - Green- Eyed Lady (Scotts Country Eastern Edit)