Monday, November 03, 2008

Press Play #17 - Cuebism

Blistering hot Party Disco action for you on Press Play #17 from the highly esteemed Cuebism. What can I say? I feel blessed to be able to bring you this nearly 1 and a half hours of Disco magic from someone I have long had much respect for. Cuebism, of course, runs the very fine Ebony Cuts and it's blog, he's also responsible for a great many top edits and is one of Stockholm's finest Dj's. Lynn is also a great graphic designer, a fact clearly illustrated by his really cool website. Not many people know as much about Disco as Lynn, his collection is filled with all grooving rareities & hard to find 'should be' classics, 'The Mix With No Name' is an all killer, no filler slice of that knowledge...

People's Potential Unlimited recently put out the extremely limited 7" of Cuebism's edit of Henri Rich's very fine 'Be You', but if u missed it, u may struggle a little to find it now. There are also a number of his top notch edit's floating around on vinyl, you just have to know where to look, since he doesn't always put his name to them. Also check out his Myspace.

There is no track listing for 'The Mix With No Name', I'm afraid, but that doesn't mean you wont know some of them... and like me, you will probably desperately want to know the Id's of the ones you don't. Anyway, it is a 'party like there's no tomorrow' mix and you can get it, as always, on the sidebar or here.

ooh hang on a minute - looks like we got a tracklist (big big thanks to Lynn for this)

01 "Disco 2008" - Cuebism Remix (unissued)
02 Henri Rich "Be You" - Cuebism Instrumental Remix (Peoples Potential Unlimited 45)
03 "Futbol De Bar" - Cuebism Remix (acetate)
04 That hectical latin track that I still cannot remember 12"
05 Diesler: "A Little Something" - Gerardo Frisina Remix (Tru Thoughts 12")
06 Mr. Gone: "Mosquito Coast Remix" (Internal Bass 12")
07 Clarice Labbe: "There's No Other Love" Nick The Record Edit 12"
08 Jesse Gould: "Out Of Work" - Cuebism Remix (unissued)
09 Funky Monkey "LA Riot" (Negativevibes 12")
10 Bobby Hughes Experience: "The Piper Cherokee" (Ultimate Dilemma 12")
11 Kofi & Kiki "24 Hours At A Disco" (Bronze 12")
12 J.A.L.N. Band "Disco Music (I Like It) - instrumental mix (Meritone 12")
13 DJ Spinna "Rock" (Rawkus 12")
14 Bucketheads "Sayin Dope" (Positiva LP Cut)
15 "Please Touch Me" - Cuebism Remix (unissued)
16 "Africa Bump" - Tom Noble Edit
17 Selfmade Millionaire: "Do The Ali" (Selfmade Millionaire 12")
18 Le Stim: "Tribute To Muhammad Ali" - Kon Edit
19 Little Beaver: "Listen To My Heartbeat" - Cuebism Reedit (unissued)
20 Funky Team: "Mardigras" (Sonet LP Cut)
21 Kay-Gee's: "Find A Friend intro" (Gang LP Cut)
22 Dynamics: "Music" (Big Single 45)
23 A Taste Of Honey: "Do It Good" (Capitol 12")
24 Hydro feat. Lorna: "I'll Make Your Day Tonight" (Prism 12")
25 Kocky: "Just Keep On Dancing" (Windsong LP Cut)
26 Sugar Bear Johnson: "When Your Jones Come Down" - Cuebism Reedit (unissued)
27 Larry McGhee: "The Burg" - Cuebism Extended Edit (unissued)


Scott said...

Absolutely Fantastic Mix! Any chance of a tracklisting?

chris keys said...

hey Scott - yeah its lovely - ill see what i can do re tracklisting...

BankerMan said...

holy-fuckin shit bro!!!! i was just listening to this mix thinking to myself - WTF is this?!?! i consider myself a serious music selecta and buy vinyl on the regular. that also puts me in the snob category, which is one of the reasons why this site is in my rss reader. i just have to say that this mix is one of the best disco mixes i've ever heard. i am always looking for music of all kinds to mix and rock out to with friends and at parties and am seriously impressed when i hear something that i've never heard before and getting seriously rocked out at the same time. and even with a tracklisting too!!! its kinda sad that i can't go out and buy probably any of these records but at least i know what they are. i see a lot of ebaying and discogs in my near future.

dude, thank you, thank you, thank you.

chris keys said...

great great response, sounds like u love it as much as i do, and thanks for the cool compliment - yeah im hunting around for a few bits from here too :)