Monday, November 03, 2008


Bear Funk are doing great things just at the minute (always?), with the two releases from earlier in October and more good stuff on their way. As a lead up to a full album release from Italian producer Arturo Capone, the hairy ones have just released a taster ep from this longstanding underground DJ, remixer, producer & art director. The forthcoming album is called 'Miocuore' and the ep has two tracks from it plus a really lovely remix from Max Essa. 'Curcuma' is a wobbly, dubby, beats heavy affair and as such is the track I'm digging the most right this minute. Go check the other two tracks out in a store near you and once again thanks to the Bearfunk team for giving us all a chance to check out the new goodies...

Arturo Capone - Curcuma

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