Wednesday, December 03, 2008

c'mon stop

Back to the crate digging, I just bought a copy of the 1983, Prelude 12" of Black Gold's 'C'mon Stop', it wasn't too expensive and certainly worth it for this brilliant Disco/ early House monster. The longer version on side B is excellent, with its very effective groove weaving in an out of the track, it just goes on and on.. for over 10 minutes actually - superb!!!

Black Gold - C'mon Stop (Long Version)


J.R. said...

One of my all time favorites. Takes me back to days of 'The Playground' in Chicago back in the 80's.

chris keys said...

nice one J.R.

jerome green said...

Hi Chris,

Oooh, '83. When everything sounded like Shannon. I wish every day was 1983. Thank you so much!

Peace, Jerome

Shawn Ryan said...

another keeper! Thanks!