Thursday, December 04, 2008


It's another oppressively hot Johannesburg day and as an antidote herewith is the final edit from Leo Zero in the current run of Leo Zero-ness on the ol' blog (hopefully we'll be blessed with more in the future). There have been any number of 'rubbish rock & pop tunes turned dubbed out disco' edits this year; the Idjut's Phil Collins rework is amongst the best (tho a very contentious one in some parts aka 'you cant make sh*t shine'), perhaps this really lovely re-work of The Police's white boy reggae hit 'Spirits in The Material World' is also a contender! Thanks so much Leo for the tracks and please please release the New Order re-work on vinyl!!

The Police - Spirits in the Material World (Leo Zero Re-Work)

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Scott Bliss said...

I'd like a large please.

fritz the cat said...

nope, sorry, still a crap song, but thanks for sharing it

chris keys said...

u gotta really hate the police to say that - nevermind, im with Scott - make mine a large!

Scott Bliss said...

subtle is the new/old not so subtle and kick ass.