Thursday, January 15, 2009

bang the party - deadly mix

Bang The Party is a Toronto based night and home to Gang of Two aka Andy Capp & Rod Skimmins; these guys have been running their multi-genre (Disco not Disco, Futureboogie, leftfied House, Old School Hip-Hop, Afro Funk, Tropicalia, Yacht Rock and Disco) night for 8 years now (yeah they been there since before the Disco revival), they've played alongside greats like Maurice Fulton, James Murphy, Prins Thomas, Lee Douglas, Pat Mahoney, they're buddies with a.n.o.e. featured Andrew Allsgood & Makeshift (both of whom have guested at B.T.P.)... the list goes on, but I reckon those credentials should get u interested. You lucky fiends get to take home a fantastic recent mix from the two of em; it's 100% quality (of course, why else would it be here?), off center, superbly mixed, designed for mad sexy dancing... the bee's wax, the cream of the crop, by the time 'Precious Little Diamond' drops you'll have forgotten what day it is. I get the feeling Gang Of Two should be better known, it's nothing a mini tour of Europe wouldn't sort out - Book 'em folks!! and dont miss this!!

Wont Give In and Wont Feel Guilty


6th Borough District - Just A Memory
B.W.H. - Stop
France Joli - I Wanna Take A Chance on Love
World Premiere - Share The Night
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
Gayle Adams - Love Fever
Crazy P - Lie Lost (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Jacques Renault - Bad Skinned
Hugh Masekella - Don't Go Loose It Baby
Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond
Putsch '79 - Arpeggio Life
Morgan Geist - Palace Life
Sharon Redd - Love How you Feel
Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance
Earth People - Dance
Recloose - The Way
Lil' Louis - Club Lonely

Go Check out their wordpress page for more info, pics and to keep up to date on their parties.


Anonymous said...

Gee Oh 2!!
Represent represent'zent!!
T-dot massive makin' waves!!
whoot whoot!!
When the boat is a rockin' you best be shock-lockin' and a' poppin'!!!

Thanks for the Toronto love, Chris!

Anonymous said...

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