Monday, January 19, 2009

Press Play #21 - The Main Stem

Next up in the ever growing list of Press Play magic comes from The Main Stem. 3 blokes (perhaps alien) who have been quietly working away on edits and tracks of pure class for the last few years, they're on the verge of becoming very well known for at least three really fantastic, imminent 12"s on a variety of the finest of labels. They've already featured in these pages (here) and their tracks pop up regularly in mixes of mine, I believe they are doing great things. Their story involves long haired aliens, Stella, a naked man (who enters the scene like that other naked 'terminator'), grown men playing with knobs in the attic and discovering deep grooving Disco for facial hair carriers. I guess at this point it's redundant to say the mix is hot (all the Press Plays are hot, I've not been disappointed once), but it might help if I said this is a superb journey into the outer limits of Disco and beyond. 'Sounds From the Top Room' is only 46 minutes short, but just long enough to give you a taster of their unique style. The other good news is they'll be back on the Press Play series in the not too distant future. In the meantime, harvest this mighty space dust now and see if you can work out some of the tracks, we'll put the list up soon'ish. Get it on the sidebar or here.


01. White Noise - Love Without Sound
02. Bill nelson - Hard Facts from the Fiction Department
03. Herbie Hancock - Twilight Clone
04. Herman's Rocket - Hanged in the Universe
05. Loud - E - Robolove
06. Vastkustska Ryggdunkarsallskapet - Du E En Storr Grabb
07. Sweet Music - Get Lifted
08. Cornflakes - Sing pt 1
09. D*note - D*votion
10. Rosko - peacemaker

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this mix is massive!!!