Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's time to put on my ranting gown and tell you about Electric Minds' brand spankin new collection of edits by Afrobutt. Things I presume you already know about Afrobutt include that it's the moniker of Steve 'King Wobble Disco Fela Ransom' Kotey (who really needs no introduction), that he released a number of delicious, quirky and essential 12"s as Afrobutt on Noid, Big Bear & Hairy Claw in the early 2000's and that the project sees Steve dig deep into the world of Cosmic Afro Dub Disco. 'Wunderbutt' is magnificent, spectacular even and it's set to be released in the next week. Every one of the 13 tracks contained herein are going to get any Disco loving crowd into a bit of a frenzy; the grooves are for the most part deep, hypnotic, often raw, real deal Disco. Steve is incredibly versatile, he creates a whole range of dance music related styles with jaw dropping ease & a distinctive groove heavy approach, it's no different when bringing his microscope to this end of the spectrum; the album takes in a wide range of interests which connect mainly through his love of dubbing things into various states of existence (the key component, along with Disco that lies behind labels like Noid, Bear Funk etc). Right now I'm playing 'Cracks All Gone' over and over and over again; it's a slo mo, sparse, dubbed out slice of repetition that's wrecking my headset, it's by no means the best of the tracks though; the title track 'Wunderbutt' is going to be huge on underground floors, obliterating, as it does, most of the NuDisco competition (which should henceforth be known as 'ButtDisco'), 'Banger Disco' is that ultimate Nigerian Space Disco track you've been looking for but didn't know existed, 'Lucifer Went To Church' could be the brain child of the Moroder Cosmo Rock Ensemble (if such a thing were to exist), 'The Taste (Round & Brown)' is another jacking Kotey instant classic for left field dancers (is this the albums hit track??). Get on over to the Electric Minds myspace to check out more of the tracks and hear one of my many favorites right here ('Banger Disco')... Along with the recent Loud-E on Ambassadors Reception, 'Wunderbutt' is the must have item of the year so far... landmark!

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