Tuesday, March 10, 2009

coming right now

Before I set the next Press Play on you and launch the new visual content guest program here on a.n.o.e., I wanted to hand over this extremely beautiful Afro Folk track by Ofege. This Nigerian outfit's albums (there are four of them) are pretty hard to come by, but they are so remarkable and wonderful that finding them in any format is pretty essential. 'Come Right' is from their album 'Higher Plane Breeze' and was recorded right after it's members graduated from high school, as it is the third of the four albums, u can thus gather that Ofege were still in school when they recorded the absolute genius that is 'Last Of The Origins' and 'Try and Love'. Gem amongst gems!!

Ofege - Come Right


john baptiste said...

Nice track Chris.

Perfect for the early spring weather (in the UK).

chris keys said...

hey John
nice to see you around - lucky bastards with your spring and everything - still damn hot here - the weather has changed for sure... hope you are well mate.