Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Greymatter #2

Following on from an earlier post featuring Greymatter (here), we get to an as yet unreleased gem, kindly given to a.n.o.e. for sharing by the man himself; Azymuth's 'Carambola' has already been singled out as a distinctive club groover with remixes on Far Out by Mark Pritchard & Roc Hunter as far back as 2000 (both got a lot of play from me), but it's this re-fix from Greymatter that brings back the originals breezin', full swing Jazz thing for baby powder dancers, now with extra bits & beats - check it!!!

I should also let you know that Greymatter has an imminent release of his deadly re-work of Atmosphere's heaviest hitter 'Dancing In Outer Space' on newly formed Wolf Music, there's also one by The Revenge which is Revenge heaven; I gotta say I'm not one for the whole 'it's sacred' thing, but that doesn't mean i don't worry when I hear someones messing with a track like that - I'm happy to say the results are great and for very different reasons (have a listen to them here).

Azymuth - Carambola (Greymatter Disco Steppa Rework)

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