Thursday, April 30, 2009

hardcore softcore

Sleazy Porn music alert! What is it about Disco, Funk & Soul that is so suited to soundtracking a bit of 70's porn, there is a thesis in there I'm certain, but once the era had passed, x-rated movies would never be the same again; over polished, malnourished, hyper shaved Rave lite tunes killed porn, even sex maybe (nevermind!).

Following a mild thread of x-ratedness here on a.n.o.e., you get a direct link to Leftside Wobble's classy cut up of a 70's Euro softcore movie soundtrack item. Leftside Wobble (aka Jonathan Moore) runs the Leftside Wobble blog which features regular mixes from the man himself and just now, this edit too. Thanks JM for the heads up...nice n sleazy does it...

Leftside Wobble - Safari Kiss


Anonymous said...

Loving this post Chris!
Good to see my fav blog up and running again!
Marius Våreid

chris keys said...

hey Marius - you so kind - thanks!! good to be back!