Sunday, May 17, 2009


Blackjoy's latest release, a double sided set of brand new Disco trax hit the stores this weekend. That's exciting right? I'm a total fan when it comes to their music, their track 'Untitled' was rocking on my decks for what seemed like years (even after it got re - released on the Freerange label), their other big track has to be 'Moustache' (which got the same heavy rotation in it's various forms round here), more recently 'Mercurian' was further proof of the genius of Blackjoy. 'Blackjoy Disco Jams' is a little different to Jerome Caron and co's previous releases, perhaps less clubby and much more authentic Disco; 'Apollo Funk' is going to cause mahem on the dancefloor with it's upbeat swinging early Electro Funk feel, dynamite!!! Thanks to Jerome you're getting a radio edit of the A side 'Djomani'; it's a breezy, brite Afro jam with a geniune organic feel... don't forget to keep up with the band over at their blog.

Blackjoy - Djomani (Radio Edit)


bokut said...

this, i like very much!!

chris keys said...

the more i play it the more i like it, it's very pretty actually! :)

Bokut that sampler you send me is wonderful! will respond via mail...