Sunday, May 10, 2009

bless this house

A few things: If you're in an 80's house mood, you should go grab Leftside Wobble's newest mix Delirious Influences, have a read while you're there about the influence behind the mix - very nice!! On an entirely different end of the sound spectrum, I discovered this week that a.n.o.e. reader Bokut is a part of the exceptionally talented Voyagers Of Icarie. Go check out their Myspace and play some of their tracks; 'Purple Bamboo' and 'Pastlife' are exquisite tracks; free from genre, searching, intimate, complex and life affirming. Get thee there I say and take a trip inside!

Drum machine era Severed Heads produced a number of musical oddities but 'We Have Come To Bless This House' could easily fit into a slo mo Pilooski set from last weekend. From their 1986, depressingly titled 'Dead Eyes Opened' album 'This House' was probably a bit of a cosmic classic, I just don't know enough about these things. Deliciously deranged...

Severed Heads - We Have Come To Bless This House

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