Sunday, May 17, 2009

future times...

I neeeeed to make some noise about Future Times and the insanely beautiful Beautiful Swimmers release they put out fairly recently. It's the boogie track of the last few months (along with the First Touch freebie mentioned below somewhere which is jammed with more new hi-end boogie booty), it's in some stores now and comes highly highly recommended. Future Times have a great website which keeps you up to date on their releases, you get some edit action, even some of their own original material (as wav's) and a bunch of excellent mixes. Them guys behind Beautiful Swimmers have offered up their 'Lifeguardians' mix (also available at their home address) to a.n.o.e. readers to give you a taster of what they're about, I'm re-hosting it because it's brilliant, a real Boogie flava Disco treat. I found myself thinking early 80's thoughts for the first time since the late 90's, you know about light sabers, baggy Liberto pants and the sweet shop at the corner of the street. Get it on the sidebar or here... just get it...

Beautiful Swimmers - Lifeguardians

(check the tracklisting in the comments)

PS I have loads of really good mixes coming up, including a new one from me - I just have to say that the downloads on the mixes are definitely down in numbers. I realize mixes are a dime a dozen on the net these days and there are quiet a few really good ones too, just be sure that I'm really picky about what goes up here and the Press Play series contains mixes from some highly specialized and knowledgeable dj's. Trust and download!


Anonymous said...

Always trust the ANOE pics! Thanks for this link... I think I found me a new label. Looking forward to your mix and other selections!

- Ritesh

1. Elecktroids - Future Tone (Warp)
2. Mach - On And On (Remix)
3. Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out (Island)
4. Bagarre - For Your Pleasure (Bootlegs)
5. Newworldaquarium - Trespassers (Delsin)
6. Beautiful Swimmers - Swimmers Groove (Future Times)
7. Oasis - Oasis 13 (FXHE)
8. Maze - Twilight (Capitol)
9. Virgo - Free Yourself (Trax)
10. Dr. Timothy Leary - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (ESP Disk)
11. Stretch - Why Did You Do It? (Beat Box)
12. Unknown Cases - Masimbabele (Rough Trade)
13. Shadow - Let's Get Together (Calico)
14. Expression - Release Disco (Peoples Potential Unlimited)
15. Andrea Brown - Body Party (Tres Vogue)
16. Scott Grooves - Old Skool (From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
17. R-Tyme - Illusion (Kool Kat)

chris keys said...

thanks Ritesh - i knew i'd seen it somewhere and thanks for the vote of confidence :)

Andrew Allsgood said...

chalk another vote of confidence over here!!! DL without hesitation!
Top shelf over here on ANOE!!

bokut said...

count me in on the vote!!!

chris keys said...

thanks for the votes :) ck for presidente ;)

Andrew Allsgood said...

and Ambassador Allsgood, perhaps?
keep up the great work Presidente Keys!!!

The Daily Breather said...

Wow, what a cool site. Offbeat mixes that I wouldn't find on my own. Been diggin' for a while. I know a guy who knows a guy(shameless name dropping plug) who threw a party in DC in 4/09 with Beautuful Swimmers. I knew nothing about these cats and didn't venture out. Kicking myself now. Thanks for the mix