Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bottin's Horror Disco

The thing about Bear Funk these days (in the past too, but somehow more than ever now) is their uncompromising search for and subsequent releasing of new and innovative Space Disco, it's why we love em so much and just lately there have been some sensational future classics put onto wax by the Bears (only recently I mentioned the Max Essa & Steve Kotey release, which i dare say includes two of my favorite trax of the year so far)...

Bottins 4 track 'Horror Disco' album sampler for Bear Funk is a superb slice of Italian (or Italo even) originality born out of an obsession for cosmic Soundtrack's and from the experience gained from working for such diverse institutions as Richard Dorfmeister, Centro Internazionale d'Arte e Cultura Palazzo Te di Mantova, Bangorfilms & many other intriguing individuals. But you know William Bottin's work already; this years 'No Static' release on Italians Do It Better is seminal, his 'Fondamente Nove' on Eskimo's 'Cosmic Balearic Beats Volume 1' from last year was also a standout track. I've yet to hear the Italo Disco soundtrack for 'The Boy With The Sun In His Eyes' which he composed, but i've heard only good things about it.

The 'Horror Disco' sampler on Bear Funk isn't disturbing at all; 'Disco For The Devil', a fantastic Morroderesque thriller, does have absurd and amusing 'horror Pop' lyrics. For the most part this EP is all about European panache (read as 'eccentric kitsch'), retro technology, cosmology, abstract creepyness and in the case of 'Bianca', leggy power babes in Porsche 928 s' taking in the Italian coastline while listening to Dave Grusin... or something along those lines... looking forward to the album.

Bottin - Bianca


bokut said...

bear funk...i like

Rayygun said...

Love it..thanks for the hedz up on this Chris.

William Bottin said...

something along those lines, sure thing.
thanks for the support!
-w. bottin

chris keys said...

hey Mr Bottin! the ep is excellent, been playing it all weekend. i cant wait to hear the album! nice to see you in these parts. Perhaps I can do an interview with you to find out what the real inspiration behind your tracks are??.. Chris

William Bottin said...

hi chris - my email address is
contact [at] bottin [dot] it