Sunday, June 28, 2009


British based, furry Disco friends Bear Funk have gone into hibernation... in the middle of their summer. In an inverted world this would deceptively mean that they've flipped the switch into overdrive. In fact it's quiet simple; Bear Funk just put out the compilation of the year (so far) and called it 'Hibernation Vol1'. They modestly describe it as 'a few greatest hits of the previous months, the future smashes and some exclusives unavailable elsewhere' and in every sense it is just that; a collection of recent and unheard items from their ever growing catalog. It's truck loads more if you're a slave to the Bear Funk, if your perversion is an insatiable taste for brilliant wobbly, leftfield, dubby Disco, if, like me, you dream of friendly Bears who jack to sweaty beats in sweaty underground nightclubs just off the coast of Cassiopeia.

This new Disco thing (Nu Disco or whatever) has developed far and beyond it's mid to late 90's 'Return to Disco' manifesto; on 'Hibernation Vol1' there are no emulating voyeurs and there are no replicas whacked over a 4/4 club beat. Instead
these fine producer's search across the spectrum of Soul, Funk, Electronica, Afro, Cosmic, No Wave, House and more, and by taking tip's and trip's from the past they head deep into the heart of darkness in search of a future Disco lovin' time.

Perhaps I should just tell you who's on it... Social Disco Club get's on with a lush midtempo beauty which features Maia and an edit by Greg Wilson, Max Essa's premium new project Jan Ken Po appears, as does the brilliant scientist of sound Altz (twice), Blackjoy hands in an excellent remix of The Diaphanoids hit 'Mermaids of Lunaris', Sleazy Mcqueen, Wierdo Police, King DJ and Ronda all drop excellent tracks and Free Disco's 'The Kelp Man' wigs out on psychedelic Rock beard action. Elsewhere you'll find the superb 'Terror Island' remixed by Enzo Ponzio as well as Innervisions & Nature Records' Roberto Auser doing a fantastic hybrid cosmic warehouse excursion.
It's DJ friendly, it's a party in a box and 'Hibernation Vol1.' is surely on your must grab list. I've said it already, the compilation is class!

As a taster, you get the deep 'n delicious Afro builder 'Daybreak' from Kotey Extra Band, it might be my favorite on the collection with it's spaced out Santana vibes and Soul Funk roots... Superb!!

Kotey Extra Band - Daybreak

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