Tuesday, June 30, 2009


As the only honcho of these here pixels and megabytes, I quiet often fall behind on getting things to you timeously. Sometimes even, rarely though, I will forget entirely about a track I wanted to post, the thought and track slip through the cracks into dusty remote areas where they wait (as if waiting was actually doing something) to be rediscovered. today's track is one of those...

DJ & digger 45 Badger (of Shoreditch UK) send me a CD of edits over a year ago, I play it often, so often that I've now damaged it. Anyway, more than a couple of the edits are pretty exceptional and one of them I have been secretly wishing would come out on vinyl ever since i first heard it. Another is a real favourite, it's an edit of 'Brother Louie' which is by Hot Chocolate (originally by Stories), though 45 tells me most of the vocal was stripped away... Monster track alert! Much thanks to the Badger!

45 Badger - Ooowee!


Dano said...

oooooo, that is seriously good

Anonymous said...

killer edit- love the og but this takes it deeper- any chance of a better quality file



chris keys said...

it really blows my hair back!

email me nick

bokut said...

waw...wawaweeee waaa

chris keys said...


harri said...

hi chris,
hope all is good with you,I too would love better quality file if possible ;-) I seem to remember it was Richard Burton that did the voice over on the Hot Chocolate version

harri said...

oops just checked....voice over is by alexis korner. the original was by hot chocolate and covered by stories ;-)

chris keys said...

Hey Harri
how you mate?
i dont think i have your email
at the mo, so mail me
on cmint@axxess.co.za
and i'll sort it for you