Thursday, June 25, 2009

playing catch up

Interesting week; bombed my email and lost over a years worth of communication, got flu, played a pretty crap set last Friday night, but we all know good things come from bad and good music will always lift you up.

If you haven't been over to Leftside Wobble for his latest edit, well then you're sleeping, it's really bloody marvelous, if you haven't been checking out the fresh batch of exclusive Blackjoy edits on his site, then you should cos they're also marvelous, plus you get to hear his latest productions and lastly If you haven't been checking Loudman Quietman, then get over there pronto to fetch a hot new exclusive mix by Beat Broker..

Tonight's track comes from Barrabas' 1974 album 'Hi Jack', it's my favorite on the b-side of the record and is a melty psychedelic slo mo ramble of quality! It's a bit Balearic, a bit BBQ and rather beautiful...

Barrabas - Fly Away


bokut said...

well described, the track

chris keys said...


JM said...

Thanks for the props fella.

And also for pointing me in the direction of Blackjoy's blog (one of my favourite producers). There be some musical gold there for sure!


chris keys said...

Sure thing JM, Blackjoy's blog is great, i dont know if his demo version of 'Untitled' is still up, it was one of his first posts - killer demo for a killer track! check it!