Friday, June 12, 2009

red light ladies

There is probably an excellent reason why British songbird Linda Lewis is so popular in Japan, there will also be reasons why her 1973 Reprise album 'Fathoms Deep' did not sell well in her home country, in spite of some apparent critical acclaim. The album is just amazing, Lewis is a beautiful combination of Minnie Ripperton & very early Phoebe Snow but with a slightly 'oddball' or even 'softball' bent. Linda went on to do a number of other albums, and is still working in the industry today (an interesting story if u decide to look it up). For the minute however, check out this magic Soul Folk gem about the girls who work the windows down in Amsterdam, one of many good tracks from the album. Bliss!

Linda Lewis - Red Light Ladies

Once again I've managed to fall behind on proceedings here; two killer Press Play set's are going up in a minute and a bunch of other things... hang ten.


Darcy said...

Bliss indeed. One of my favourite albums, and it was nearing the top of my "ones to blog" list. As you say - has a 'softball' tendency with some quirky and innocent lyrics, which seem to magnified by Linda's little girl voice. Together with the great arrangements it really hangs together as a complete album.

chris keys said...

it is a great album, i have to admit i did not know it until recently and think it's an excellent thing - thanks for the comments Darcy

max said...

i haven't been able to stop listening to this all week! perfect weekend morning song in my opinion... ty!

chris keys said...

hey Max
it has that effect on me too - repeat. repeat. repeat :)

gonna link you also :)

max said...

thanks chris! keep up the good work!