Sunday, September 27, 2009

dc reworks

There is no doubt that David Charles L'Heureux aka DC La Rue had an enormous impact on the Disco world, as well as subsequent dance related genre's. He's been sampled many times and even had an edit or two (most notably so far is Greg Wilson's excellent re-fiddle of 'Cathedrals' on Disco Deviance). More recently a new label, set up to honor the man and his influence, Pyramid Disco has begun a series of reworks. In fact their first release came out on Friday with a pair of cracking edits from Pete Herbert and the unstoppable groove machine that is The Revenge. If you like the idea, it will please you further to know that commissions have been dispatched to Popular Peoples Front, BC, Greg Wilson, Ashley Beedle, Situation and Richard Sen amongst others for more goodies. So another label to keep an eye on for sure, check their Myspace for further future DC action and check out the PH edit of Let Them Dance below... primo club gear...

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