Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sorcerer - Neon Leon

The excellent Tirk send me a copy of the new album 'Neon Leon' from Sorcerer, which was released a week or so back, please go check out all the tracks somewhere (here at Juno maybe?); it's lovely! If you liked the Coyote album, then you should love this, it has a much wider scope (for a Balearic or Nu Disco or whatever type album) as it touches on mellow Boogie sounds, deep deep house, strange Pop and quirky cut up Disco lite, Sorcerer also have an understated penchant for 'Avalon' era Roxy Music. 'Neon Leon' is expertly produced and superbly arranged, I mean it; this album has a sheen on it made for easy space travel. Of course i love a bit of 'the roughness', but then one doesn't look to this end of the spectrum for dirt, even when Sorcerer venture into darker territory, it's never tangled or messy.

Remove all those labels we all made up in recent times and try to take it out of context (yes impossible i know... but), 'Neon Leon' fits perfectly into a long line of spacey Fusion Pop which, vocals aside, might include the 'Steve Mcqueen' album from Prefab Sprout or Blue Nile's immense first two albums, even Sylvian's 'Gone To Earth' double. The other main point one could make about the sound of Sorcerer is that they're from California, it's deep in their veins and shines through their music; it's a sort of sun-bleached decay, an expansive cruisin' abstraction. Check out 'Ride The Serpent' below and grab a copy if you're into this sort of thing.

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