Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Press Play #30 - Juju & Jordash

Press Play turns 30 with a decidedly un Disco, seriously fine and advent -urous mix from Juju & Jordash. These two Dutch- based producers met years ago in Haifa, Israel, they moved to Amsterdam a few years later and have been pushing back the shores of left field Deep house, Techno and Electronica ever since. With releases & remixes on Real Soon, Deep Explorer, Aesthetic Audio, & Juju Music, the duo have just gone on to release their truly excellent new album on Dekmantel; 'Juju & Jordash' is confusing, complex, and beautiful, it's cosmic and deeply Detroit influenced, it will change the game. I would not be the first to vote it as one of the albums of the year. I found this interview with the two fascinating, especially as they speak a little about their influences - clearly they find kinship with other true pioneers like Herbie Hancock, Sun Ra, Juan Atkins, Larry Heard and Thelonius Monk, amongst others. Interestingly all of these icons have been highly politicized individuals, a feature that, albeit deeply submerged in their own music, further links them to a forward thinking bloodline that runs into the very oldest of places and spaces.

'Nighty Night Mr Gnopants', for that is the name of this mix, is superb. It's an un mix, mixed up, journey through sounds fantastic, a highly cerebral blend of genre bending greats from the likes of Harold Bud, David Byrne, Billy Cobham and quiet a few i didn't know besides. I will make an attempt to get a track list should you desire one but in the meantime grab the mix on the sidebar or below... set to repeat and be controlled to the heart of the sun...

Press Play #30 - Juju & Jordash - Nighty Night Mr Gnopants

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