Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rack'em Round Up

Danny Red Rack'em is one of those rare dj's who always plays it for the underground; his genre hopping selections are filled with the best of whats happening in a variety of scenes; Disco, Edits, Deep House, Techno, Soul, Bruk, real House and more. He continues his rise to bigger things, without ever loosing touch with his love for real music. This couldn't be better displayed (though actually its more of a listening and dancing affair) in his recent live set on Big Chill Radio just after his playing at this years Big Chill festival in the UK. It's been available for downloading for awhile and has garnered quiet a bit of attention, Danny feels its one of the best sets he's ever played. Get it here, if you haven't already; the energy is undeniable and Danny 'kills it' as they say, I'll leave you to decide what your favourite moments are. You can also read Rack'ems Big Chill report here.

But wait, there is more. Depending on your dedication to the pirate, you can also grab another fantastic live mix from Danny, this time from a recent gig at the Nottingham based Love Unlimited Sound System night NasH. Get it here, it's bloody good.

More than this and probably most importantly, Danny recently had his Hot Coins vs Red Rack'em 12" picked up and released by the lovely Autodiscoteque. With support from Horse Meat Disco, Optimo, Pete Herbert, Domu, Juju & Jordash & Gilles Peterson amongst others, you can bet it's top class, check the sound clips here.

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