Sunday, November 08, 2009

no guestlist pt 2

I've a bunch of mixes coming up - been a very slow year on that front, I've been all over the place to be honest. Anyway, here is the second part of a 2 hr mix i did for a Japanese net radio station C-Les on a show called 'Back In My Roots' (check it, always quality); it's a mellow sort of affair (the mix not the radio show), for afternoons or sundays or if you're a slo mo freak, anytime. It's an hours worth of eclectic bits; Disco, Afro, House, Other... hmmm I never made a note of the track list, so if you desperately need to know a track ask me and I shall endeavor to let you know who it's by. Expect a full on Disco mix anytime in the next five years up next and in the meantime dig this perhaps?

Chris Keys - No Guestlist Pt 2

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