Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Since it's December and the year is almost out, I'm trying to half address the issue of 'great tracks that did not get enough attention in 2009' (see the below post on Atsushi Yano). So... A little while back I mentioned Cuebism had a new track on NY based Junior4 Records, the edit had been previously heard on his Press Play mix and had finally seen the light of day in the form of hot wax! It's an excellent Disco workout called 'Disco 2000' that'll have you sounding like Larry Levan when you drop it, it does not get better than this. But that is not the main reason for this post; Matador (Jr4's label boss) includes two excellent edits of his own on this 'Sub Edits' release; a fazed out take of 'Welcome To The Club' (which goes down a treat on the dance floor) and the curious and instantly classic '10'. '10' is a superb mid tempo 'Jackie Brown' styled Soul Funk bomb. Matador tells me the original is by Paris Holley, found on a rare 7" from 1973 which is produced and arranged by Paris. Matador has done a lovely job with it, plus he's allowed me to hand an mp3 of it over to you. Before you grab that, do me a favour and go check out his 12"s (yes there are two) here and visit the official site too. Keep your eyes on this guy and support him if you feelin' the music. Thanks Matt for the track, keep on keepin' on.

10 (Matador Edit)

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