Tuesday, December 22, 2009

kumbayero mikz

Where would we be without Soundcloud? We'll for starters we'd be back in that place where blogs were the main internet source for underground sounds. Not so anymore, and in some ways that's a very good thing. Soundcloud gives you direct access to artists and an almost infinite number of mixes, tracks, edits 'n remixes in every genre... much of it can be downloaded too. anyway blah blah Soundcloud... I seem to live on there.

It's via the above mentioned treasure trove that Berliner Johannes Budweg send me his 'Kumbayero Mikz' and it's a very fine thing too. Johannes is a club promoter for 'In Love With', he's worked with some great dj's like Cosmo Vitelli, DJKaos & Prince Language amongst others, he also contributed to the Macaroni Club Berlin blog for a bit, you can also find out about his own productions as Tdaance here. Go grab the mix here.

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