Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rune Lindbæk Mix (new)

I still have loads of new releases to get through, a few more dusty crate finds, and a handful of some very fine mixes. In fact it's all about the mixes this month, what with a couple of new Press Play's and a new and beautiful Balearic mix series from Pavel Plastikk (yes part one is finally here). But before we get there, I just wanted to give you a heads up on Rune Linbæk's new mix. "Rune Lindbæk Nomaden (Oslo) mix - tribute to the world's best underground disco joint!" for that is it's name, is essential... get it below...
note: the file is now permanently available here.
(since the original feed ran out)

Rune Lindbæk Nomaden (Oslo) mix 
- tribute to the world's best underground disco joint!


Anonymous said...

please resend :)

chris keys said...


Scott Bliss said...

links ded duude

Scott Bliss said...

btw.... blogger has officialy deemed your blog pop-up-worthy :)

chris keys said...

hey Scott
bottom half of the link was working, but sorted the thing proper now, this mix is all over the net now.. defo a good one.

yeah i see that pop up bullshit is happening to me.. how do i stop it?

thebeathunters said...

great mix, indeed! one of the pearls is an excerpt of joe dassin's "le jardin du luxembourg"(maybe #2 in the mix)
do you know if there's an actual re-edit by rune lindbaek or is he just messin' live with the knobs?
thanks for such a re-discovery!

Nico Andrade said...

Great great selection!

And... You are right, thebeathunters! I wish I have the answer to your question, because it is an amazing song!