Friday, December 18, 2009

trippin' on luna 7

Back in 2004, Licorice Soul Records re-issued a record from 101 Strings called 'Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000' (like me, originally released in 1968). I grabbed the lp mainly out of curiosity and also because Licorice Soul had released a number of pretty great items. For awhile, in the early 90's there were a number of compilations around that would have been filed under 'Space Age Lounge & Cocktail' or something similar, 'Astro Sounds..' would fit well amongst them, though it would be one the finer. These comps fleeting value lay in just how kitsch the tracks might be, unless, like many a disco aficionado, the enjoyment is or was free of irony. But everything was 'Ironic' in the early 90's. Re-listening to it now reveals great grooves and stellar performances. 

101 Strings have made an awful lot of music, a lot of which sounds pretty awful to these ears, though I understand their standards are exacting in a way. The fact that their music was a reflection of the times (1957 - +/-1981), commissioned to sound like contemporary hits, many of the tracks I've heard don't seem to be much more than naf Classical Pop. So 'Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000' is something of an anomaly ? Or perhaps at some point Psyche Space Rock was the sound of now... apparently in '68 it may have been, especially on 'Trippin' on Luna 7'. It's still kitsch mind.

101 Strings - Trippin' On Luna 7

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