Friday, January 29, 2010

what's the message?

With both Lovefingers & Donnaslut recently closing shop, it seems Blogland is forever changed again. Certainly Bumrocks (also no longer sharing tunes) & Lovefingers were the cornerstones of quality underground music blogs, as well as having gotten there first. I say 'underground' meaning our 'underground', as there must be any number of say 'underground' Metal or death Indie sites around... I simply wouldn't know. These two sites, in particular, had a seemingly endless wealth of forgotten or lesser known gems, they were both seriously educational and greatly entertaining and will probably be much missed. With increasing pressures from record company's and copyright holders, sites like Soundcloud & Spotify providing legal ways of hearing new music, an infinite number of pale photocopy sites, perhaps the impossibility of always having something really excellent to share, or having bigger fish to fry (like running labels and producing their own music), it seems inevitable that these and many others would simply come to an end. I personally bought records because of both of them and discovered many great things in all three mentioned above. Andrew Lovefingers has decided to leave the excellent collection of mixes he's built up over the years, online for awhile yet... I'm optimistic in general, however, and choose to accept that change is good; there are lots of new, quality sites to enjoy, as well as many others who have been around for some years. What's the message?

The Message - Is That The Way

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