Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's Harmless!

Right, I need to make mention of 10 new compilations that are out on Itunes which are a bit special. I know it sounds quiet mad that, but cast your mind back to Harmless compilations like 'Pulp Fusion' and 'The Wonders Of Stevie' or 'Mellow Mellow' or any of those lovely 'Life:Styles" comps from a few years back and you'll be glad to know (if you dont already) that they've put out 10 new collections in a similar vein, under the catch all header of 'BackBeats'. The special thing about these lovely compilations is that they've been compiled by Ian Dewhirst (well actually he's label manager at Harmless these days), he of the original great compilation series 'Mastercuts'; while Ian was in control of that particular brand, you could buy them blind and know that whatever you had bought, it was pretty essential. The same applies here; Backbeats draws from a wealth of top class independent labels including Chi-Sound, Trax, Philly Groove, Jewel, Paula, Ronn, Ace, Tribe, Invictus, Hot Wax and many more. I don't use Itunes myself and usually prefer shopping at smaller, friendlier establishments, but this is worth a look in. The titles include collections of '70's & 80's Seductive Soul', 'The Roots of 80's Chicago House', 80's New York Boogie' & '70's Dancefloor Anthems from The City Of Brotherly Love' amongst others; these compilations could hardly escape some essential classics, but they also highlight a whole host of lesser known beauties. They've been giving away Paris' 'I Choose You', which is lovely (grab it bellow) and here's a facebook link to learn more about these gems or go here for the one I like the most. It's sort of sad that these wont be coming out on one of those superb double 12" vinyl packs they used to do, but that's how it is these days folks!

Paris - I Choose You


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