Wednesday, February 17, 2010

need a little dancing...

A second volume of Mike Burns' 'Pheonix Project' just landed in stores. It's another release I have long been waiting for, granted I've been playing wavs of the two tracks 'Need a Little Using' and the irrepressible 'Dancing Swayze' for sometime, but ordering them on vinyl is first prize... obviously. Mike hunts out obscure Disco items which he reworks with real care, keeping things authentic, and focused on their deeper grooves. Both his Devil Disco 12"s, from last year, contain real dance floor monsters; the kind of tracks which stand out in a set because they're pretty far out, but also because they jump like classics. This new 12" is no different, except that it may even be his best so far; 'Dancing Swayze' is great fun, it's a bit camp, pure Disco and it rocks! So does the Acidy Disco bomb, 'Need a Little Using'. Mike had shopped these tracks around for a little, before deciding to put them out himself, which is one of the reasons why you should get on this at once. The main reason is, of course, because it's so good. Check out 'Dancing Swayze' (a slightly older version perhaps?) below, follow the shop link, get busy!

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