Thursday, March 25, 2010

closer closer

While we're discussing kitsch sleazy Disco, one of my absolute favourites in the genre, would have to be Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch's 'Closer Closer'. 6th Borough Project have had a go at it on their latest EP, the fifth in a series for Instruments Of Rapture and it's superb. It's been awhile since I mentioned them on the site, not because I've not loved their many wonderful 12"s but primarily because they're getting well deserved, heavy press all over. I couldn't help myself with this new 12" which is in stores now; all three tracks are excellent, especially 'Closer' (which for some reason is called 'Change' on Juno) and 'Stratus Quo'...  essential!!


the saucer people said...

Its a comment frenzy! Normally I will post a comment on a blog even if I end up junking the tracks after the second listen but at the moment, its groove-infested deep cosmic gold on nearly every ANOE post and my gods, this is no exception...
I used to travel regularly up to Scotland from the north of England around 1990/91 to freakout to the sounds of Twitch (now Optimo & Betty Botox) & Brainstorm, Harri and Terry & Jason from Pussypower and I did this because there is something about the Scottish clubs and dj's which just blew away most of their English forward twenty years and its still the same. 'Closer' and 'Stratus Quo' got me jumping around the room in the daylight (daylight! for gods sake) upon first hearing. They are the kind of tracks that should make any right thinking dj and artist weep into their decks and go and hide in a corner, rocking back and forth while they mutter " does he do it?" These and other 6th Borough tracks are almost obscenely get the feeling he once stood at a crossroads and made a pact, they are that good..without a doubt these are some of the best house tracks of the last 20 - 25 years period....another quality post!

chris keys said...

ha ha ha ha
loving the comments!
it sounds like you get as excited as i do... I bounced around the room when I first heard this.

you're right about those Scotts, something very deep going down there for years.. have you checked out the Harri mixes on the side panel?

man i need to move to the UK already!