Monday, March 01, 2010

Press Play #33 - Sir Billy

Italian DJ Sir Billy brings the party with his electrifying mix, 'Children Of The Revolution' for our Press Play series; expect lots of synths, obscure Indo/ Italo Disco, old skool Electro, heavy Edits, New Wave and banging early House designed to bump and grind like there is no tomorrow. Sir Billy has in recent years become known across the www for his fantastic edits, but he's been a DJ since 1984, he was the voice behind Templebeat (an electrorock combo who gained massive airplay, charted in Germany and Switzerland, played several European festivals and appeared on RAI + MTV's 120 Minutes), he has written a novel and is a journalist for two major Italian music publications. Sir Billy is also a total vinyl junkie, this combined with his extensive knowledge of music has led to his unique voice on the scene; there is no one that sounds quiet like him. It's a real delight to have him in the series; check out the tracklist below, grab the mix and join the revolution (which is really just a great party)...

CAMPAG VELOCET – Bon Chic Bon Genre (Hard Skin)
PRIMAL SCREAM – Come Together (Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix)
THE CLASH – Magnificent Disco (BC Edit)
MARIUS – Disco Drummer (Dicky Trisco Version)
WEST INDIA COMPANY – Ave Maria (Extended)
POPPY FACTORY – Flying (Stars Touchdown Mix)
DISCODEVIL – Hippie Dance
IF? - Open Up Your Head (Trancefield Dub Mix)
BABY FORD – Children Of The Revolution (SirBilly Bump And Grind Edit)
BODIE LEE – Monaco (DJ Agent 86’s Disco-Bomb Edit)
KELLY CHARLES – You’re No Good For Me
HERCULESE – Sunday Morning Fever (RM Edit)
DOOBIE BROTHERS – Long Train Running (Loop Intro)

– Heavyhands (Pump It Up (Instrumental)
MUDD – 54b (Ray Mang Acid Reflux)
AJELLO – Dolphy (In Flagranti Re-Edit)
LAURIE MARSHALL - Disco Spaceship (Instrumental)


sirbilly said...

Really honoured to be here.

mariafranca said...

Thx Sir!!! Especially for: AJELLO – Dolphy (In Flagranti Re-Edit)

WE LOVE ALL OF YOUR WORKS...& THIS WONDERFUL BLOG!!! :) MaRy (I'm from Italy like you!)

chris keys said...

really honored to have you here Sir Billy!

Anonymous said...

by kommand tropical disco bazaar!!