Friday, April 02, 2010

shine your light

Back in 2006, Jurassic 5 released their fourth album 'Feedback'. Though Cut Chemist had left the group, they continued to push their sample heavy brand of 'old skool' at a time when Hip Hop had long since drowned in the oil slick of a pimped out SUV. The album wasn't received well, partly because of Chemist's departure, but mostly because the album brought nothing new to their audience. When you look at a list of the original tracks the '5' sampled for the record however, things definitely get more exciting, as is often the case with hip hop albums. Three Dog Night, Curtis Mayfield, Boney M, The Art Of Noise, The Dap Kings and Al Green all get ransacked for Jurassic's pleasure. The fantastic Boogie/ Funk track 'Shine Your Light' by The Graingers also came up reconstituted on 'Feedback', it's a classic which isn't hard to find and not all that expensive, it is, however, one you need.

The Graingers - Shine Your Light

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