Friday, April 09, 2010

universal appeal

Diggers label Peoples Potential Unlimited, really blow my mind with their rare Funk 'n Disco find's, nearly every one of their 7" singles, LP's and 12"s from the last few years has been a must have. The guy who runs it, is really careful in tracking down the original artists, paying the right people and remastering these quality finds, so you get a real product, with real depth and character, which is to say nothing of the incredible music. Occasionally they also commission a new edit or two. I've talked about them up on a.n.o.e. before and am back to remind you about their basically unmissable catalogue, but also to say their 2009 compilation (their first), 'Family Affair' is truly superb, as it gathers a bunch of those 7"s on CD, probably for the first time ever. The CD includes tracks from Minority Band, T.M.S., Crunch, Ballplayers, Midnight Express, Caprice, Saavy, Initials, George Smallwood, Satellite Band and many others. One of my favourite tracks of all time (yeah how many are there are of those?) which is 'Danger Zone' by Midnight Express gets on, along with a bag full of really beautiful antique gems. Check out the stellar, lazer Funk oddity 'Universal Language' from Ballplayers, while you head on over to their online store and get investing in these limited run sparklers.

Ballplayers - Universal Language