Sunday, May 02, 2010

Roberto Auser - Secret Carnival

So have you checked out the Roberto Auser album, just out on Bearfunk? 'Secret Carnival' is a double CD, 'concept' album of substantial proportions; frankly it's a wet dream made real for me (is that a bit wrong?). With moments of serene, exquisite coma drifting, not unlike the best of Harold Bud or Eno, except spacier, interspersed with digital tropicalia, off-world atmo-scapes, deeply fried Techno sequences, Cosmic Disco warbles and loads of mind altering synth mastery, this album is exactly the sort of thing many of us go digging for in crates, only it's modern and very well produced and very very good.

Roberto is from the Netherlands, his tracks have previously featured on Nature Records, as well as a standout item on Innervisions' 'Secret Weapons' project. He also recently released an excellent collaboration with Alden Tyrell on Bearfunk called 'Blondes & Brunettes'. 'Secret Carnival' is, however, an artist's album; it's obsessive, visionary, individual and prolific. It also has a bunch of kick ass, leftfield club moments. I'm thinking, like Bottin, Auser is one of the new school and heading for bigger things. Essential buy!!!

Roberto Auser - You See Light, I See Dark (Long) 


Anonymous said...

quality text
cd even better
future roots album
xtrmly pro produced

chris keys said...

aah yes indeed - 'future roots album' is spot on. thanks for the comment!