Saturday, June 26, 2010

Press Play #37 - Coyote

There are a couple of really excellent Coyote mixes doing the rounds at the minute and here's one more, done recently for a.n.o.e. which does exactly what it says on the box; 'Balearic Dancefloor' blends together a bunch of eclectic 'mellow in the head' beach floor tunes for sunset shuffling. Coyote kick off with that excellent Dutch tune from Get A Room (you'll remember they gave you a copy of it right here) and continues along with delicious sun kissed finds, blissed out grooves, Latin Boogie, a Disco classic or two, some dubbed up electronica and at least one killer Edit (just how we like it). Simply marvelous I tell ya.

As you already know, Coyote released their debut album 'Harlyn Bay' last year which ranked amongst the best of '09 for many a good soul, they've also more recently put out a string of new releases on their superb Is It Balearic? Recordings (check here) and are bringing you that wonderful DJ Steef Black Sabbath edit, along with a couple of other edity beauties on vinyl pretty soon. Keep up with them over at Coyote Howl.

Once again it's an absolute pleasure to be able to bring you this super mix. I should warn you there are a couple more Press Play's waiting in the wings including one from Mark E (which I'll attempt to get out in the new week).

Press Play #37 - Coyote - Balearic Dancefloor

track list:
1 Muscle edit
2 Gang KKK
3 Ann Margaret everybody needs somebody sometime edit
4 Junior Byron Dance to the music
5 Popular Peoples Front Edit white label
6 Begin Optical Holiday pt 2
7 KZA – Aneugalal
8 Hypnotic Tango My Mine - frankie knuckles mix
9 Ritmo Especial - Daniel Maloso
10 Loccosoulus – Gun ships
11 Mountain of One Hail Pleasure (Bad Passion Forc mix)
12 L.S.B. Edits vs Don Ray - The Rain (Standing In The Rain, Pete Herbert Re-Edit)
14 Bubble Club - Violet Morning


magnimodi said...

another superb press play. thanks! tracklisting anytime soon?

chris keys said...

yes definitely.. tracklist incoming..

chris.allen said...

This is one of the best mixies i've heard in a long time, and has blown me away and inspired me, thankyou

Anonymous said...

WOW. I have no words!!

Anonymous said...

Every now and then a mix or album drops that I just can't stop playing - and this is one. Well done Coyote and big up ANOE - you rule :)

For the love of Alan, though, you got to get us a tracklist - I need to know what a couple of those italo numbers are!

chris keys said...

i've tried asking a couple of times (read as at least 4) to get the tracklisting out of the coyotes but alas so far to no avail... will ask again. glad you digging the site! :)

Anonymous said...

I start with the tracklist and someone else can continue
1: Spectral Display - It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love
2: Gang - KKK
3: Ann Margareth - Everybody need somebody sometimes (part 2)

chris keys said...

1. is not the original Spectral Display, it's the edit of the Spectral track by Get A Room/Rove Dogs.