Monday, April 08, 2013

Press Play #69 - Andy Pye

I love a good Balearic mix; done right, it can open portals of light leaks on antique memories of lush places you've never visited. It needn't even be beaches, as was traditionally expected of or referenced in this somewhat undefinable category. Andy Pye curates an extensive and truly wonderful series of mixes with his Balearic Social radio show, if you know this area of music, you're already tuned in. People from all over the planet who obsess about music more than most have featured; Moonboots, Graeme Fisher, Paul Jenks, Seahawks, Frank Tope & Balearik Soul amongst them. Andy's one of them, those that obsess about music more than most, i mean. Actually he does the job very well; I'm delighted to have a mix made especially for us here at a.n.o.e. from the man. It's fitting also that it turns out to be called 'Tropical Winter', so those of us heading into the darker colder hours will find the selection goes well with pale sunned mornings and icy sunsets. Thank you so much Andy.

press press play #69 - andy pye - tropical winter

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